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We are a fourth-generation family farm producing quality liquors from farm-raised crops.

From the fields surrounding the R/Farm Distillery to the fine finish of a Missouri bourbon, our signature spirits are pure harvest distilled. Our crops are nestled in the heart of the Midwest, bearing a rich harvest that we’ve enjoyed for generations. We’re a family farm built on hard work, innovation, and perseverance. We believe that the best things in life are grown. Now, we want to share our heritage with you.

Good whiskey starts with quality grain. Nothing tastes sweeter than our farm-raised crops distilled in our signature wheat bourbon and other spirits. Cultivating a unique taste begins in our unique soil. Our liquors are distilled from crops grown on our own land. From Field to Finish.

Heritage of Hard Work

Our heritage began with our great-grandparents moving to Holt County, Missouri to start anew.  In 1930 our maternal great grandfather moved to Holt County from Salem, IN to start a farm from scratch. Similarly, in 1940 our paternal great-grandfather loaded his equipment on a train in western Nebraska and shipped it 300 miles to start a new life in Holt County. Today, our family’s original 40 acres has grown and diversified.  As farming practices adapt to modern times, our family’s progressive mindset continues to look for ways to innovate. Farmers are natural entrepreneurs. So, we looked at our land and our hopes for the future and decided to turn our progressive farming practices toward distilling quality spirits.

Founded on simple hard work and perseverance, our distillery sits in the heart of our land, overlooking the Missouri River bottom.  When you sit and sip with us, you’ll look out onto the view that makes Holt County special.  We’ve made this land our home and we will continue to innovate, honor the land, and harvest quality crops.

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